Time-Lost Drifter

Time-lost drifter heritage characters have a crystal belt. Dangling from it at irregular intervals are the crystals that give it its name. They also carry a collection of ephemera gathered from different ages. Most time-lost drifters come from the eonic lineage, but over time, crystal belts have fallen into other hands. Often, they are taken off the body of a fallen eonic, though rarely a time-displaced eonic bequeaths their belt to a person they feel is better suited to carry on the quest to save the future, and that person carries on the far-flung “culture” of the time-lost.

Indeed, the nature of being time-lost means that characters of this heritage don’t have a unified culture. They are scattered across time (and possibly space), though in some cases a handful of fellow exiles band together. Meetings between time-lost drifters look like scholarly debates with much viewing of shared objects and artifacts.

Crystal Belt. Your belt reflects your physical state. When you are not exhausted, the crystals shine with blue-white light, providing dim illumination in a 15-foot radius. The radius of illumination decreases to 10 feet when you have between one and three levels of exhaustion, and decreases to 5 feet, when you have more than three levels of exhaustion. As a bonus action, you can suppress the light from your belt until the end of your next turn.

When you take a short or long rest, you can expend hit dice to shed levels of exhaustion. Each hit die you expend decreases your exhaustion by one level.

Your crystal belt requires attunement. While you and your belt are on the same plane, you can summon it to your hand as an action.

Drift Backward. As an action, you summon a version of yourself from the future and gain 1d4 levels of exhaustion. Your future self has all of your statistics and your full hit points. It takes its turn immediately after yours. You gain one level of exhaustion at the beginning of each of your turns while you and your future self are present in the same time and place.

Your future self disappears if you or it are knocked unconscious or die. If your future self dies you must succeed on a DC 15 CON save or be stunned for 1 hour.

Time Shunt. If you are reduced to 0 HP, but not killed, your crystal belt sends you into the future to avoid further harm. You gain 1d4 levels of exhaustion, to a maximum of five levels, and disappear into the timestream. While floating in the timestream, you gain the benefits of taking a short rest and then reappear in the place you departed from 1d6 hours later than you left.

Languages. You know Common and Eonic.


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