Skilled Hirelings. Skilled hirelings come with a proficiency (armor, weapon, tool, vehicle, or skill). A mercenary, artisan, or scribe would be skilled. The pay shown is a minimum; true experts might require double or even triple pay.

Untrained Hirelings. Untrained hirelings are hired for physical work that doesn’t require specialized study. Examples include laborers, porters, or waiters.

Common Services

Coach cab 
     Between towns3 cp per mile
     Within a city1 cp
     Skilled2 gp per day
     Untrained2 sp per day
Messenger2 cp per mile
Road or gate toll1 cp
Ship’s passage1 sp per mile

Spellcasting Services

The Spellcasting Services table provides a rough pricing guide for spellcasting services, but the GM has final say on pricing and availability.

Spellcasting Services

Spell CirclePrice
Cantrip10 gp + material components cost
1st50 gp + material components cost
2nd100 gp + material components cost
3rd200 gp + material components cost
4th350 gp + material components cost
5th650 gp + material components cost
6th1,500 gp + material components cost

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