Pine Scion

Pine scion heritage characters carry the best aspects of the dryad communities into the world, at least as they see it. Unlike the snobbish oaks or gossiping teaks, the dour ashes or airy corks, pine scions are easy to understand and get along with.

To their credit, the pine scions’ dryad forebears worked hard to ensure the mortals they travelled among didn’t feel overshadowed. They patiently taught their skills at woodcraft to the younger lineages, and encouraged them to develop at their own pace. In times of want, they instructed pupils how to sustain themselves on the needles, bark, and cones of the pine trees. In times of plenty, they assured them it was acceptable to cut down some of the pines to make homes, furniture, and conveyances.

Pine scions live fully in two worlds. They love to travel the woodlands. They seek to discover what lies beyond the next stand of trees and what mysteries they can discover in each flower-filled glade. They also love the comforts of home. After a long trip, they want to settle in with new and old friends, drink, feast, and tell stories, both of the adventures they’ve had, and of the ones they’re planning for.

Bark Eater. As long as there are pine trees in your environment, you can provide enough food and water to sustain yourself and a number of other Humanoids equal to double your PB.

Scale the Branches. You have a climbing speed equal to your walking speed. You can use your bonus action to Dash while climbing, though once you have done so, you must finish a short or long rest to do so again.

Woodcraft. You have proficiency in your choice of the Nature or Survival skill.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Sylvan. You can speak to birds as though under the effect of speak with animals.


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