Mangrove Regent

Characters of the mangrove regent heritage have been raised among a community of mangrove dryads and carry its values and customs.

When gales and hurricanes rage across the oceans of the fey realms, the neighborhoods of mangrove dryads provide the first line of protection to their communities. The mangroves themselves break the wind, preventing it from roaring through the lands beyond at its full force. The magically inclined among them then use their arcane skills to further blunt and redirect winds, while the more physical members of the community build stormbreaks of felled trees. Between storm seasons, the mangrove dryads prepare for the next one, all the while boasting and betting on how effective their individual works will be at reducing the storm’s sting.

On the Material Plane, mangrove dryad communities continue their efforts to aid others. They gladly provide guides to people seeking to move through their beloved coastal swamps. During the daylight hours, while they work, the mangrove regents are serious about moving their charges safely through the region, and are quick to divert course around quicksand, nesting alligators, and reeking fens. At rest though, their camps are full of laughter and music as they play games and songs to entertain themselves and each other.

Marsh Player. You have proficiency with one musical instrument and one gaming set of your choice.

Swamp Strider. As an action you enable yourself to move across water, mud, and quicksand as though it was solid ground for 1 hour. Once you have used this feature, you must finish a long rest before using it again.

Venom Tolerance. You have resistance to poison damage, and you have advantage on CON saves to avoid being poisoned.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Sylvan. You can speak to swamp-dwelling reptiles as though under the effect of speak with animals.


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