Junker heritage characters have been raised among the wasteland and desert dwelling junker gnolls. These tightly knit, semi-nomadic communities are recognizable by their small caravans of camel drawn covered wagons. Packs of hyenas often run among the wagons as they travel, creating an intimidating air. The wagons stop near settlements for prolonged periods, usually a season, but up to a year if business is profitable.

The first junker communities were insular and secretive. The gnoll leaders didn’t trust other humanoids to respect them and their property. For their part, non-gnoll communities feared the hyena-folk’s loudness and large bearing. Generations of peaceful contact between the junkers and other communities, and the adoption of many non-gnoll members into the junker community has softened relations.

Junker heritage characters tend to be creative, outspoken, and loud. They like to celebrate their discoveries by carousing, and can often be convinced to perform minor repairs around a homestead or settlement in exchange for food, drink, and dance.

Improvised Toolkit. You can use a pair of daggers in place of thieves’ tools, tinker’s tools, or woodcarver’s tools.

Project Manager. You know how to work efficiently. When you craft an item during downtime, you decrease the number of workweeks it takes to complete the project by 1d4 weeks. If the crafting time is reduced to less than 1 week, it still takes 1 day to complete the project.

Scroungecrafter. You know how to create something sturdy out of makeshift parts. If you spend 1 hour scrounging goods before you start crafting a nonmagical item during downtime, you decrease the cost of creating it by 25 percent.

Languages. You know Common and one other language. Most junker heritage characters choose Gnoll, Gnome, or Goblin.

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