Inheritor of the Future

Characters of the inheritor of the future heritage bear one of the time-warping staves developed by eonics. Most are eonics granted their staff before setting out to save their people, though these artifacts have fallen into other hands over time, and the bearers carry on the mantle.

Regardless of lineage, inheritors are keenly aware that disaster awaits, and the actions they take now might well stave off the coming collapse.

Inheritors of the future rarely coexist easily each other. Each has a differing opinion of what actions will forestall the coming doom, and the squabble or even commit violence about their different understandings.

Given the vast scope of the future, characters of this heritage are not even necessarily from the same era. They share common assumptions and understandings, but an individual inheritor is most likely to form close-knit bonds with others who can be convinced of the importance of their goals.

Forward Thinking. When you take the Help action, the recipient of your aid can roll one additional d20 and choose the best of the 3 results.

Time-Warping Staff. You carry a time-warping staff created by the eonics at the height of their civilization. This magical quarterstaff has a number of charges equal to half your PB, rounded down (minimum 1). When you take the Attack action and hit a creature with the staff, you can use a bonus action to warp time rather than deal damage, sending your target 1d4 rounds into the future.

The creature reappears in the same location. If another creature or object is in that space, the returning creature reappears in the nearest safe space. The creature must then succeed on a CON save with a DC equal to 8 + your PB + your CHA or CON modifier (your choice). On a failure, the returning creature is stunned for 1 minute, but can make a new saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the condition on a success.

The damage you deal with the staff increases to 1d8 (Versatile [1d10]) at 5th level, and to 1d10 (Versatile [1d12]) at 11th level. Your time-warping staff requires attunement. While you and your staff are on the same plane, you can summon it to your hand as an action.

Languages. You know Common, Eonic, and one other language of your choice. Typical inheritors learn Giant or Sylvan.


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