As rugged as the terrain they inhabit, badlander heritage characters feel they can survive whatever the world throws at them. They tend to be quiet and stoic, enduring hardship with a shrug and self-deprecating bark. Their clothing is sturdy and economical without flourishes that could get caught on an outcropping of rock.

This heritage was originally cultivated by gnolls. As other humanoids moved into these regions, either in a concerted effort to settle the arid landscape, or just to get away from civilization, they looked to the gnolls for survival secrets. Now there are as many badlander heritage characters of other lineages as there are gnolls, a fact which makes some of the original badlanders howl. Depending on the temperament of a given badlander conclave, they are as likely to let newcomers to the badlands figure out how to survive on their own as they are to assist them.

Extreme Endurance. You are inured to the rigors of hard living. You have advantage on CON saves against exhaustion. When you finish a short or long rest, you can reduce your exhaustion level by one.

Iron Guts. You can subsist on spoiled food and drink. You have advantage on saves against being poisoned.

Scrub Survivors. You have proficiency with herbalism kits. If you have an herbalism kit, you can make WIS (Herbalism Kit) checks instead of WIS (Medicine) checks. If you make a DC 12 WIS (Herbalism Kit) check during a short rest, you and up to 4 other characters regain 1 additional hit point per die when you use hit dice to regain hit points.

Languages. You know Common and one other language. Badlander heritage characters usually select Gnoll.

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