Planar Binding

5th-Circle Arcane, Divine, and Wyrd Ritual (Abjuration)

Casting Time: 1 hour

Range: 60 feet

Duration: 24 hours

You attempt to bind a Celestial, an Elemental, a Fey, or a Fiend into your service. The creature must be within range for the entire casting of the spell. Typically, the creature is first summoned into the center of an inverted magic circle in order to keep it trapped while this spell is cast. At the completion of the casting, the target must make a CHA save. On a failed save, it is bound to serve you for the duration. If the creature was summoned or created by another spell, that spell’s duration is extended to match the duration of this spell.

A bound creature must follow your instructions to the best of its ability. You might command the creature to accompany you on an adventure, to guard a location, or to deliver a message. The creature obeys the letter of your instructions, but if the creature is hostile to you, it strives to twist your words to achieve its own objectives. If the creature carries out your instructions completely before the spell ends, it travels to you to report this fact if you are on the same plane of existence. If you are on a different plane of existence, it returns to the place where you bound it and remains there until the spell ends.

At Higher Circles. As you unlock higher circles, this ritual grows in potency. Once you have access to 6th-circle spell slots, the duration increases to 10 days. Once you have access to 7th-circle spell slots the duration is 30 days. Once you have access to 8th-circle spell slots, the duration is 180 days. Once you have access to 9th-circle spell slots, the duration is 1 year.

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