Eonic Human

Eonics hail from a dying civilization in the far future. To save their people, a small number took to the timestream to get help from ages before and after their own. Their crystal belts allow them to travel through time, but a flaw in the belts’ construction prevents them from returning to their own time and place. They have become a displaced, desperate people.

Little is known for certain about the eonic civilization. Their people had apparently eradicated disease, overcome the limits of mortality, and conquered socio-economic-political ills such as war and oppression.

The nature of the disaster that befell their civilization is likewise unknown, though some speak of nova-portal reality destabilization, post-harmonic gravitic collapse, sunward drift, and other ominous sounding but inscrutable things.

Relatively few eonics left their civilization during the first search for assistance. However, increasing numbers of them appear outside of their own time, suggesting that their civilization experienced further collapse.

Eonics look like mummified humans. Although sometimes referred to as “eonic humans,” the rigors of their travel has made them a different kind of creature. They speak in a stilted, formal-sounding fashion, and many of them punctuate conversations with long pauses, as though deeply considering what to say next.

Eonic Lineage Traits

Your eonic character has certain hereditary traits dictated by their lineage.

Age. Eonics have endured time dilation of varying degrees. The effect this has on their lifespans is unknown, but it is assumed eonics are effectively immortal and cannot die of old age.

Size. Your size is Medium. On average, eonics stand between 5 and 6 feet tall.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Jittery. You are always on edge and prepared for the worst. Add your PB when you roll for initiative.

Practiced and Prepared. Before you set off through time, you learned as much as you could about the past. When you take part in events the GM determines will become part of the historical record, such as overthrowing a tyrannical ruler, you can leverage your knowledge of the past. Roll a d6 and add the result of the roll to one of your ability checks. Once you’ve leveraged your knowledge, you cannot do so again until you finish a short or long rest.

Wizened Flesh. Time dilation has caused your skin and tissue to age at different rates. Your skin appears mummified. You have disadvantage on CHA (Persuasion) checks, but you add your PB to your armor class.

In addition, wearing armor burdens you. While you wear armor, you gain a number of levels of exhaustion based on the weight of armor worn:

  • Light armor (one level of exhaustion)
  • Medium armor (two levels of exhaustion)
  • Heavy armor (three levels of exhaustion)

You recover these levels of exhaustion immediately after doffing your armor.


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