Moonlit Heritage

Moonlit heritage characters have a supernatural charge to purify the places and people touched by the influence of the Shadow Realm. You were raised in the Moonlit Glades, a bastion of light and hope within the north of the Shadow Realm. Your culture is dedicated to fighting back its corruption and allowing the purifying moonlight of Midgard to find purchase there.

While the bearfolk of Bjornrike founded the Moonlit Glades, it has since attracted a variety of warriors and druids who seek to sanctify and purify. Being able to grow up in such a place is a minor miracle, and those raised here believe in the power of faith to restore and protect. A moonlit heritage character knows the magical marks of corruption and believes that no person or place is so tainted that it cannot be reclaimed by the light.

Moonlit Rite. You know one 1st-circle ritual from the Primordial ritual list.

Silvery Sight. You have learned the darkvision spell from the Primordial source. Once you cast this spell, you must finish a long rest before you can cast it again using this feature.

Languages. You know Common and one additional language of your choice. Typical moonlit heritage characters choose Umbral.


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