Hivehelm Heritage

Characters from the hiveheim heritage were raised in enclosed honeycomb settlements like the bee-kissed city of Bjeornheim. You grew up enjoying the bounties of nature which provided you with homely comforts.

Bjeornheim’s use of bee hives as its major defense makes honey, wax, and other commodities harvested from bees regular luxuries for you. You’ve often engaged in contests of all kinds to judge your survival prowess—fishing competitions, honeyed confectionary bake-offs, and other bouts of foraging skill are just a few of the tests you grew up participating in regularly. A hiveheim heritage character sees the gifts the natural world can supply and knows how to wrest them from nature with prowess and grace.

Ursine Tact. You have proficiency in either the Nature or Survival skill and either herbalist or provisioner tools.

Hive Minded. Your affinity with hive-creating insects allows you to orient yourself and find food in areas where hive-creating insects dwell. You have advantage on Survival checks in areas where hive-creating insects dwell.

Languages. You know Common and one additional language of your choice. Typical hiveheim heritage characters choose Sylvan.


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