Mud Runner Heritage

Mud runner heritage characters hail from lizardfolk communities located in bogs and swamps. The mud runner lizardfolk are widely regarded as the descendants of the ancient lizardfolk empires. Their oral tradition stretches back millennia and their storytellers are welcome in all lizardfolk communities.

From a young age, mud runners are taught to survive in their mucky environment. They learn how to identify dangerous flora and fauna well before they reach maturity. Many of the skills they are taught are adaptations of behaviors they see in their local wildlife, such as alligators and constrictor snakes.

Some mud runner communities habitually ambush swamp travelers and present them as tribute to local dominant monsters such as black dragons. While these settlements have earned the distrust of their neighbors, they represent only a small percentage of mud runners as a whole.

Death Roll. Watching the reptiles of the swamp has taught you how to control your prey. When you have grappled a creature, you have advantage on unarmed strikes you make against it, and your target has disadvantage on attacks it makes against you. When you move a grappled creature, your speed is halved only if the creature is two or more sizes larger than you.

Predator. You have proficiency in your choice of the Stealth or Survival skill.

Spear Fisher. When you use a spear to make a ranged attack against a target that is underwater, you can attack the creatures at long range.

Languages. You know Common and one other language. Most mud runners choose Draconic.


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